Agile 2014: Sprint 0

For the next week I will write daily posts from Agile 2014 in Orlando, and let you in on a little of all the cool stuff that’s going on.


I won’t be going into detail on everything, but will try to keep you posted on the most interesting subjects and learnings. For more in depth input, I recommend you sign up for our next meetup at Agile Copenhagen. Continue reading

Agile Resilience (presentation from Agile Copenhagen event)

Here are the slides from my presentation at Agile Copenhagen on June 26.

The theme for the presentation was Agile Resilience, and how it can be incorporated as a natural part of how the team collaborates.

If you can’t view the above Adobe Flash presentation, you can download the presentation here.

Extreme Sprints – done in a day!

Have you ever experienced a team that complained when you asked them to run in 2 week Sprints?

Many teams try to avoid short Sprints (shorter than 3 weeks), because they don’t believe they will be able to achieve anything meaningful. Continue reading